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Wildflower Honey 10 oz. | Newkirk Honey

Raw Local Honey, Fruit Tea & Caramel by Newkirk Honey


Raw local honey, fruit teas and honey caramels from Newkirk Honey. Locally harvested from over 200 beehives on East Mountain in Scranton, PA. Bees pollinate clover and wildflowers of the land to produce this delicious honey. No additives, no preservatives, just 100% pure honey. 

- Natural Energy Booster
- Improved Immune System Function
- Heals Wounds and Burns
- Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Pure Honey Flavor Options:

  • Wildflower honey (robust)
  • Clover Honey (mild)
  • Creamed Honey (spreadable)

Raw Fruit Tea is inspired by Newkirk Honey's founder and beekeeper Eunjin, this Korean family tradition that makes a fresh fruit tea with honey infused with dried fruits, spices, herbs and citrus peels.

No tea bag required, all you have to do is take a tablespoon of the Raw Honey Fruit Tea and stir into a cup of hot or cold water. Simple, easy and delicious!

Raw Fruit Tea Flavor Options:

  • Ginger + Orange
  • Apple + Cinnamon
  • Lemon-Lime + Roasted Rice
  • Lemon + Lavender

Honey Caramel is a butter-free caramel that tastes better than ever with raw honey from Newkirk Honey. One tablespoon contains only 5 calories! Choose from Caramel with Cinnamon or Caramel with Sea Salt. Drizzle on your waffles and toasts\ or use as a dip for pretzels, apple or banana slices.

Do you enjoy a coffee? This can make your coffee even more of a delightful sipping experience. Do you have a plain ice cream or yogurt? Mix some of this goodness in and you won't eat it without it ever again! 

Honey Caramel Flavor Options:

  • Honey Caramel with Cinnamon
  • Honey Caramel with Sea Salt 

Honey Gift Sets:

  • Local Honey Get Set includes 10 oz. Wildflower Honey, 10 oz. Clover Honey, Pure Beeswax Candle
  • Beekeeper's Honey Gift Set includes 24 oz. Wildflower Honey, Pure Beeswax Candle, Honey Soap, Beeswax Hand Balm, Beeswax Lip Balm

Maker: Newkirk Honey | Scranton, PA 

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