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Sip, Sniff & Savor the French Riviera

Join Danielle Fleming, our Founder & Perfumer, on a bespoke vacation experience that will engage all of the senses in the most exciting and personalized way.

Stroll through the French Riviera as Danielle and our French tour guide uncover the magic and mystery of perfumery capital of the world. With our tour specifically taking place during the Festival of Roses in Grasse, take a "scent trek" with Danielle and indulge in the fragrant roses cultivated here for their prized scents since the 14th century.

Sniff and swirl the wines of local vineyards. Smell fresh baked croissants as you stroll the cobblestone streets of historic hilltop villages. Savor fresh farm to table produce prepared by local chefs. Remember this vacation experience by creating your own signature scent at a local perfume workshop from classic perfumery techniques. Every time you wear your scent, vivid memories of France will bring a smile to your lips.

This vacation package will take you to all the "must see" tourist spots of the cote d' azur, but it is SO much more. Danielle designed this unparalleled itinerary to include unforgettable, personalized experiences far beyond that of a typical tourist.  Her passion is about creating a travel experiences that indulges all of your senses.

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