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Custom Perfume Studio

custom perfume studio 

A fun, unique and interactive experience awaits when you visit the Custom Perfume Studio at NOTE Fragrances. It is sure to please anyone, from the blending newbie to the fragrance aficionado!

At NOTE Fragrances, we believe every person has their own unique scent story. Your scent preferences are uniquely your own, connected to your personalized memories and emotions. Only you can make that connection and at NOTE, you become the creator of your scent story!

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Your journey begins with the use of your very own Perfumer's Organ. Similar to the organs used by Master Perfumers around the globe, you will have 50 scents, known as "notes", to work with as well as additional notes for each season. Scent families and perfumery note classifications are explained as well as traditional and modern perfumery methods and techniques. Through this process, you will learn both the art and science of creating "emotion in a bottle."

Our expertly trained Scent Designers will guide you through the proper techniques of sniffing and blending with fragrance blotters, the same ones used by industry professionals. As you work your way through your Perfumer's Organ, the notes become alive and fragrant as your creative juices begin to flow. Once you have compiled your desired composition, our Scent Designers will create your final formula at our Fragrance Bar. 

Browse our Retail Boutique or watch our Scent Designers as they blend your creation.  Proportional adjustments are made to your notes based on our proprietary, patent-pending system to ensure a well-balanced final fragrance that you will love. 

Once completed, your perfume is bottled and your formula is given a unique NOTE ID#. That number identifies your exact formula which gets registered in our secure database. This allows us to recreate your precise formula when you need to reorder.  Whether you are near or far, we can ship your reorder to you at any time!

Your signature scent is then wrapped in tissue in our beautiful gift bags and you go home with your own scent that is uniquely yours.  

 We each have a story.  Scent tells our story without us saying a word.  Discover yours at NOTE.